Empowering Individuals, Supporting Communities


Vision Statement

Divinely appointed to give a "Hand Up" to the unfortunate.

Mission Statement

The Master's Release is dedicated to empowering the vulnerable by providing nourishing meals to underprivileged children, financial assistance for essential medication and daily needs to seniors, utility support for individuals with mental challenges, and by promoting financial literacy within the community. Our mission is to create a more equitable world by offering support and education to those in need.

Embodied Values That Drive Change


Compassionate Care:

We listen to those with needs is our community and act with empathy and compassion.



With arms wide open and hands extended in help, our support is accessible to all, transcending age, race, or socioeconomic status.


Educational Empowerment:

Knowledge is power and freedom which can lead to financial stability and independence.


Integrity in Action:

Trust grows through transparent and honest actions between people working together.


Accountable Service:

We are community. We answer for our actions. We make lives better.

What We Do

1. Child Nutrition

Supply nutritious snacks to underprivileged children over weekends.

2. Financial Assistance

Financial help for medication and daily needs for seniors aged 55 and above, focusing especially on mentally challenged seniors.

3. Utility Support

Assistance available to mentally challenged individuals for utility needs.

4. Financial Education

Promoting prudent living through community financial education initiatives.


Under-privileged Children:

1. Identify Children In Need: We will partner with local schools and food banks to identify children who are food insecure. We will reach out to community organizations and non-profits that serve low-income families.

2. Provide Nutritious and Appealing Snacks: We will work to obtain and provide healthy, appealing, and nutritious snacks to children for weekend consumption, avoiding processed and sugary foods and drinks.

3. Make It Fun: We will present children with healthy snacks in a fun and engaging way; for example, using fun containers, serving them with a dip or dressing, or cutting fruits and vegetables into shapes.

Seniors and Disabled 55 and Above

  1. Financial Assistance for Medication and Sustenance: We will provide financial assistance for individuals by partnering with local charities and social service agencies. We will also offer help with tasks such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We will fill in gaps in their well-being where we can.

  1. Advocation: We will advocate for the needs of individuals age 55 and above at local, state, and federal levels. We will work to ensure they have full access to affordable healthcare, housing, and other essential services.

Mentally challenged

  • Provide Utility Assistance: We will provide utility assistance for individuals requiring help by working with local utility companies. We will also assist them with other financial tasks such as financial management and/or paying monthly bills.

  • Provide Support and Resources: We will support mentally challenged individuals in their efforts to live independently by locating or initiating support groups, job training, and other resources to help them thrive.

The General Public

  • Financial Education: We will teach financial literacy to our community by offering workshops and classes and by creating and distributing educational materials. We will partner with schools and other organizations to provide reciprocal enrichment for those who wish to prosper.

  • Promote Financial Wellness: We will provide resources and education in our community to encourage and promote financial success and freedom. We will advocate for policies that support financial security such as affordable housing and healthcare. We will promote the creation and success of community outreach programs.

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"The Masters' Release brought not just financial aid but also hope and divinity back to my family."

Anna, Mother of Two

"The financial literacy program opened my eyes. I learned to manage my money wisely giving me the stability I dreamed of."

Michael, College Student

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